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The Vijayosthava

The Vijayosthava Celebrations on the concluding day of the Chatura Maasa of Parama Poojya Sri Sri Sachidananda Jnaneshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji of Sri Jnaneshwari Peeta, Srikshetra Kari was a great success. About seven thousand Daivajna Brahmins from Bangalore and other parts of the country took part is the Vijayosthava procession.

 The procession started at the KLE College Ground at 6.00 pm . Went via the RTO office , then Varior Bakery and then reached the KEB Sabha Bhavana .

 The grand procession was lead by the Nirvahana Samiti members with a beautiful banner, this was followed by the Kerala Chandi, then the Mangalore Chilipili Kala Tanda.


The young members of the Kodani Daivajna Samaj were dressed as Ram , Laxman, Sita along with Luva – Kusha and also Shiva-Parvati.

Then about seven hundered members of the Daivajna Mahila Sanga, Bangalore were present with their "Poorna Kumbha Kalasa" . It was a pleasure to see all of them dressed in their green silk sarees. This was followed by the other Daivajna Bhandavas dressed in white, wearing a well designed simple shawl with “Ohm” over it. Lot of children were also seen enjoying every moment of the procession.

Veerendra and his group sang Bhajans.Also it was a great pleasure to see the members of the Goa Daivajna Samaj singing Bhajans throughout the event. They moved in a well disciplied and organised way, singing the Bhajans

Sri Sachidananda Jnaneshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji was seated is a beautifully designed chariot.

The procession was organised by the 24th Chaturmaasa Nirvahana Samiti,Bangalore.  Mr. . Shrikant V. Shet , Kodani took the lead in organising the event. Shrikant S Shet,Gangadhar Shet,Vadiraj Raikar and Prakash Raikar were the sponsors for the event.

   Photos of the event