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This is a poem about our adorable Guruji by poet Nagamani Ramesh.

This article by K. Shrinath Shet tells us the History, rituals and customs of ours.

Who  is daivanjna? A short and excellent article collected by Subramanya
Daivajna Ratna
Know the achievers and famous in Daivajna Brahmins This article tries to list the gems of Daivajna community. Who have contributed to the Daivajna community in their areas of interest. Their service includes artistic, literary, and scientific achievements, as well as recognition of public service of the highest order.

Tribute to Notable Daivajna – Late Jagannath Shankar Shet

This article is about an Indian Philanthropist, an Educationalist, Social Reformer, Great Thinker,  from our Caste,  Late Jagannath Shankar Shet, who has contributed to the society before the Independence.


Gotravalli for Daivajna Brahmins

This will list the  surnames and gotras  of the Daivajna Brahmin community along with the kuldevata they worship.