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Runanubandha and Daivajna Aahara Mela 2014 Shimoga

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Runanubandha and Daivajna Aahara Mela 2014 was held at Shimoga on the 12 Jan 2014. Raghavendra S. Shet, president Daivajna Pratibha Ranga, Shimoga
Shree Subray V. Shet, President , President Daivajna Bhramana Sangha, Shimoga was the chief guest for the function.

Runanubandhua is a state level matrimonial funciton conducted by the Pratibha Ranga, Shimoga. The meet was participated by other matrimonial service providers
- Shree Janeshwari Sadhaka Sangha,Kumta
- S.SShet, Udupi
- Radhakrishna Raikar, Shimoga
- Ritu Vernekar (

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