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List of Locations where the event will be held.

Welcome to, the website aims at uniting all the Daivajna Brahmins spread across the globe.

You will find lots of resources in this website starting from the news/events related to daivajna community, contacts, important addresses and phones numbers, matrimonial services,etc.

Authenticated users will be able to see all members; also will be able to chat with other members shortly.

This website is a contribution from Sevanti, Hubli to the Daivajna Brahmin community.

We request all the Daivajna bhandavas to regularly use the website and also make it known to others. Help us in collecting news/events/articles related to daivajna community. We require volunteers to help us upload news/events/articles. If interested in helping us, please contact . The volunteers will have special ids, which allow them to upload news from the comfort of there home/office.


Jnaneshwari Kalyan Mahal

r.Rajkumar Road in Rajajinagar is one of the important roads of Bangalore City. The all facility choultry Jnaneshwari Kalyan Mahal in this road is also gained the importance by its service and facilities. Sri Ganapathi V. Shet started this sophisticated choultry with the intention to help parents of bride and read more »