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All about Gotra:
Gotra A term applied to a clan, a group of families, or a lineage - exogamous and patrilineal - whose members trace their descent to a common ancestor, usually a sage of ancient times. A gotra is of immense importance to a Hindu for it shores up his identity. All Hindu ceremonies require a statement of the gotra. A devout Hindu speaks out his gotra and pravara every day in the morning. Gotra also comes of use during the performance of the rites of passage or sanskaras. People of the same gotra (sagotra) are not allowed to marry, to prevent inbreeding. At weddings, the gotra of the bride and the groom are proclaimed aloud to establish that they are not breaking this socially ordained genetic precaution. Marriages between certain gotras are also not allowed; for instance, marriages between those of the Vasishtha and Vishvamitra gotras are not permitted. This is because these two sages were opponents and their descendants are traditional foes. In olden times, every gotra had a definite task to perform. Thus every Veda had priests of specific gotras for their narration and teaching. Certain sacrifices require priests of a specific gotra only. Following are the surnames and gotra of daivajna community along with their kuldevatas.

Karekar Bharadwaj, Kashyapa, Koushika

Shree Gajantalaxmi Ravalnath, Marcela Goa

Shree Gramapurusha Marcela (Bharadwaj gotra)
Chodankar / Walke / Taar / Kadnekar / Mashelkar /Shet Bharadwaj

Shree Laxmi Ravalnatha, Marcela Goa

Shree Gouda Purusha, Marcela Goa
 Verlekar Jamadagni Shree Shantadurga Verlekarin Panchayatana, Marcela Goa
Rivonkar / Revankar /Bhatt /  Rao / Shet Koushika, Vatsa Shree Vimleshwar, Rivona Goa
Shree Ramapurusha, Rivona Kolomb (Vatsa)
Shree Ramapurusha, Shiroda (Koushika)
Raikar /Shet /Bhatt / Rao Koushika, Vasishtha Shree Kamakshi Rayeshwara, Shiroda, Goa
Shree Ramapurusha(Shiroda)
Pednekar Vasishtha Shree Bhagawathi Ravalnath, Pernem Goa
Shree Mula Purusha Kamurlim, Goa
Haldonkar Atri Shree Bhagavathi Haldonkarin, Khandola, Goa
Lotllikar Koundinya Shree Ramnath, Betal Ramnathi Goa
Shree Rama Purusha, Verdem Goa
Vernekar /Shet / Bhatt / Rao Atri Shree Shanteri Mahalasa Narayani, Mardol, Goa
Nagvekar / Shet ~ Shree Laxmi Narayan Mahamaya, Ankola, Karnataka
Nasnodkar ~ Shree Ravalghadi Panchayatana, Goa
Kolvenkar ~ Shree Mahalaxmi, Bandora, Goa
Bandodkar Vatsa, Atri Shree Nagesh Maharudra, Bandora, Goa
Shree Brahma Purusha, Bandora, Goa
Sangodkar Vatsa, Atri Shree Shantadurga Sangodkarin Panchayatana, Sangolda, Goa
Shirodkar Koushika Shree Betal, Mulgaon, Goa
Kudtarkar / Shet / Bhatt / Rao / Vittalkar / Ramamurthi / Raikar / Divakar Vatsa Shree Shantadurga Chamundeshwari Kudtari Mahamaya, Ghudo Avedem Quepem, Goa
Salkar Bharadwaja Shree Gajantalaxmi Ravalnath, Marcela, Goa
Shirodkar / Anvekar /Shett / Rao Kashyapa Shree Shivnath Mahamaya, Shiroda, Goa
Shree Ravalnath, Anvem, Shiroda
Khandeparkar Vishwamitra Shree Shantadurga, Khandepar, Goa
Shree Purusha, Khandepar, Goa
Madkaikar ~

Shree Navdurga, Madkai, Goa

Shree Ramapurusha, Madkai
Borkar ~ Shree Navdurga, Borim, Goa
Netalkar, Pawaskar ~ Shree Shanteri Panchayatana, Sunkeri Karnataka
Nagzarkar ~ Shree Mulaveera, Pernem
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